What is Evergreen Content? How is it prepared?

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content usually covers the most basic topics; It is content that answers questions such as what is it, how to do it. Evergreen content is continuous and entry-level content.

Also, evergreen content is not subject to frequent changes and usually does not consist of trending topics. For example , what is seo, how to do seo queries are queries that can create evergreen content.

The answers to these questions do not change very often, the search volumes are always high and they are aimed at meeting very basic information needs.

What is Evergreen Content NOT?

When it comes to evergreen content, I think the question of what is not is as important as what is. Because every topic with a high search volume is not evergreen content.

You can take a look at the following examples both to better understand the question of what is and to learn what they are not.

  • Content related to fashion trends

For example, a content on “2020 Fall Trends” is not evergreen. The reason for this is that such topics are trendy and periodic. That’s why they don’t fit the definition of evergreen content.

  • agenda topics

Content that is on the agenda in areas such as politics or economics is often not continuous. For example, topics such as 2019 local election results or monthly inflation data are trending topics only in certain periods.

  • Seasonal or specially prepared content for a certain day and period

For example, content about Valentine’s Day is not evergreen content. Because such content is only popular during a certain period of the year.

  • Statistical data for a certain period

For example, continuously published data on the Covid-19 period are daily data or data covering a certain period. For this reason, they do not have continuity and are trending content.

Evergreen Content Examples

Here are some examples of content of various types that have been produced and succeeded as Evergreen:

  • What is SERP Feature?
  • Top 5 Social Media Management Tools 
  • What is SEO?
  • Everything You Need To Know About Zoom
  • Internal Linking for SEO: Why and How?

How Evergreen Content Should Be?

The best answer to the question of how evergreen content should be would be to include inclusiveness, continuity and entry-level information.

Evergreen literally means evergreen. Based on this, it is suitable for the definition of evergreen for all content that has continuity and is prepared on general topics.

For example, “What is SEO?” It has emerged with a certain trend and is not a temporary issue. It has a constant search volume and satisfies the reader’s basic information needs.

If you think about whether a content is evergreen or how evergreen content should be, you can evaluate the content you want to prepare or the content you are examining within the framework of these criteria.

In addition, evergreen content should be as comprehensive and satisfying as possible. Since you’ll be targeting users looking for basic information, your content should answer all questions from someone who has no knowledge of the subject; It is very important for both users and search engines.

If you search for the keywords that you have determined and may be evergreen and examine the first three pages, you can get information about how comprehensive the evergreen content you will prepare should be.

Also, if you are having trouble finding evergreen content topics, or don’t know where to start, you can get an idea by reviewing the items below.

Identify Topics Your Audience Searches For or May Search Frequently

First of all, it is very important to know your target audience. Knowing what they are looking for information on and their level of knowledge will help you determine the evergreen strategy.

After you do the necessary studies, you can prepare comprehensive content on topics that often need information.

An article about the e-commerce sector published on the Search Engine Journal site can be given as an example.

How to Handle Low Inventory Pages on Ecommerce Sites

Provide Industry Tips

List topics you can target searchers to learn about your industry. Then write your content by doing a detailed keyword research for each topic.

For example, we, as ZEO, have published the following content on how to do keyword research for those who are new to SEO.

Keyword Research for SEO: AZ Guide Keyword Research Guide

Prepare Guides About Your Products and Services

These guides can be very valuable, especially if they answer questions such as how to do it, what is it, what is it for.

For example, “What are the iPhone 11 Features?” A themed content is a type of content that you can include in the evergreen content strategy, not only when the product is trending, but also because it is constantly sought.

Similarly, “What Does a Phone Holder Do?” or “How to Use the Tablet Keyboard?” You can increase both your awareness and organic traffic by preparing content such as

So how does writing evergreen content benefit you? Let’s examine together.

What Are the Benefits of Evergreen Content Writing?

One of the most important advantages of writing evergreen content is that they have the potential to attract a large number of visitors to your site, as they often have very high search volume.

In addition, in order to gain awareness in a particular field, it is a great advantage to rank high on the most basic topics of your field and to have content that satisfies the users.

It is also useful to know the conversion rates of the evergreen content type, which has significant benefits. 

Conversion Rates on Evergreen Content

Even though evergreen keywords or evergreen content can get you high search volumes and lots of traffic, conversion rates are often very low.

One of the most important reasons for this is the profile of the users. In other words, an audience you will target with evergreen content is usually still in the interest or awareness stage.

Therefore, users who are just learning the subject are less likely to make a purchase, fill out a form or take an action you want on your site.

Evergreen content is mostly in the content strategy; They are targeted to increase awareness, web visibility, and organic traffic and form the first step of a customer journey.

A person who learns about a subject with you for the first time is likely to come to you on a different topic they are curious about, if they have had a good experience.

Therefore, evergreen content is the first step to getting in the minds of your target audience, which is a longer but worthwhile journey than converting content.

We talked about conversion rates. Well, if you ask what we should pay attention to when writing evergreen content, you can find the answer in the continuation of the content.

What Should You Consider When Writing Evergreen Content?

The most important thing to consider when writing Evergreen content is the scope of the content and the language used.

Since we usually target users who have no prior knowledge of the subject, they should be able to find both the answer to the basic question they are looking for and the answer to different questions on the same topic that may come to mind at the same time.

For example, our topic is “How to Setup Google Analytics?” let it be. While writing content on this subject, it is enough to say that the basic setup method, the Analytics tracking code, is copied and pasted into the <head> area of ​​the page, and it will not produce satisfactory content.

Another question that may immediately come to the user’s mind is whether there is a different and easier way to install rather than adding the tracking code to the pages one by one.

In this case, adding how to install the Google Tag Manager to the content you have prepared will be beneficial in terms of both expanding the scope of the content and providing the user with a more comprehensive answer on the subject.

So, are there any questions that come to your mind while reading this content, but which we did not include in the content? If you do, we would like to include these topics in our content if you share them with us in the comments or on social networks.

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