Apple Vision Pro: 12 facts about the mixed-reality headset

Apple company shared many products and updates and new technologies such as the 15-inch MacBook Air, M2 Ultra chip, along with the iOS 17 update at the annual developer event WWDC.

After months of speculation, Apple’s Vision Pro headset has finally arrived – and the so-called “spatial computer” is Apple’s daring attempt to define the future of computing, TV, and more.

The mixed-reality headset, which we tested in our hands-on Apple Vision Pro review, mixes AR and VR experiences in a single high-priced headgear, allowing you to switch between the two using a Digital Crown on the side. While the Meta Quest Pro currently supports switching between VR and a limited type of AR, Apple’s headgear represents a considerable hardware leap in several respects.

To begin, it has a 4K display for each eye, as well as 12 cameras and five sensors. The Vision Pro, which looks like a pair of ski goggles, is also powered by an Apple M2 and a new chip dubbed the R1.

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