Samsung Galaxy S23 FE images have leaked

A video showing the design details of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE was shared. The video showing the graphite color option seems to be on the agenda mostly with the back cover. Because it seems that Samsung will now switch to glossy and glass back covers.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has been on the agenda with the Galaxy S23 FE for a long time . The phone , which will appear as an affordable version of the Galaxy S23 , appeared on the horizon despite the “canceled” claims that continued for months. Samsung is expected to announce this phone very soon .

While the excited wait of Samsung fans continues, a remarkable development occurred regarding the Galaxy S23 FE. Alvin, one of the famous and safe leak sources of the smartphone industry, shared live images of the Galaxy S23 FE. The shared images reveal that the upcoming smartphone will have an impressive design. 

In the video above, you see the graphite colored version of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE . The most striking point here is the change in the rear case. Samsung used a plastic back cover on the Galaxy S21 FE. This situation was continued in the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 series. But now this seems to be changing. According to the shared video, Samsung will use a glossy and glass back cover on the Galaxy S23 FE. 

Samsung made no statement regarding the launch date of the Galaxy S23 FE . However, this smartphone is expected to be announced before the end of 2023. In fact, Samsung has no reason to wait anymore. Because almost all the features of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE have already been revealed. This being the case, it would be an unreasonable approach to delay this smartphone a little more. After all, we will meet the Galaxy S24 in the first months of 2024. There is no point in announcing the Galaxy S23 FE as a ” dead model “.

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