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Free Download Lost Creator Academy – Lost LeBlanc

On the Creative side of the academy, there are 60+ videos and counting teaching you:

How to use your camera and get the most out of it

Behind the scenes on capturing a cinematic video in Bali, shooting portraits in Tokyo, and much more

Step-by-step tutorials on some of my favorite edits, like “Sleep Can Wait”. A video I made for the Indonesian tourism board.

How I edited the thumbnail for my recent viral video, How To Travel Bali. 

Photoshop & Lightroom Masterclasses and so much more!

From the essential knowledge to the hands-on and practical, the creative section will take you wherever you are at, and with practice, turn you into a skilled shooter so get ready to start making money with your camera today. 

On the Business side of the academy, we have over 40 videos that teach you things like:

How to find a land collaborations and paying client (includes my email templates)

How to get paid with or WITHOUT a following!

How to get your videos in the top search results on YouTube

How to master the Instagram algorithm and start growing

How to negotiate and price yourself (real industry rates)

How to create and sell a product

This is just a small preview of the essential lessons in LCA that WILL change the way you run your business. 

The academy is incredibly comprehensive but no matter what, it won’t be able to answer all your questions which is why all members who join Lost Creator Academy will have immediate access directly to me personally in our private Facebook community. I get hundreds of emails, comments, and DMs asking questions every day and sadly I can’t respond to most of them but this private community is where I will be investing my time to provide you the foundation you need to overcome the challenges ahead. 

And one of the best parts about the exclusive LCA group is the community of like-minded content creators. This is the group that will support you through the highs and lows and the group that will motivate and holds you accountable to your goals. You are a product of the people you surround yourself around so start building that network right here today.

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  • Dinesh 8 months ago

    Facebook private group invite link is not available….please do add it

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