ChatGPT Will Now Provide Up-to-Date Information! You Can Search the Internet with Bing

OpenAI announced that ChatGPT can now search the internet. The chat bot, especially one that works with Bing, will now be able to provide up-to-date information to users. Previously, it had access to data from 2021 and earlier.

OpenAI continues to bring new features to its chatbot ChatGPT . Recently, it was announced that the artificial intelligence model has the ability to ask questions aloud, receive a voice response, and upload images. The technology giant has now announced another innovation.

In its statement on X (Twitter), OpenAI announced that ChatGPT can now provide updated answers to users by browsing the internet .

The feature that will work with Bing will come to everyone soon

The ability to do research online was one of the things users wanted most. The popular chatbot was normally limited to pre- September 2021 data only. Therefore, it could provide outdated information. In fact, this feature has been tried for Plus before. However, OpenAI disabled it due to concerns such as accessibility to sites requiring payment.

According to the announcement, the model will use Microsoft’s Bing search engine. After browsing the internet, it will provide answers to users with links to resources. OpenAI says websites can control how ChatGPT can interact with them.

The ability to browse the internet has been opened today for Enterprise members, which is available to Plus and corporate customers. OpenAI stated that it would arrive to all users soon , but refrained from giving an exact date.

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